My CPA/attorney/financial advisor hasn’t heard of The eQRP? What should I do?

It’s not uncommon that an advisor hasn't heard of self-directed qualified retirement plans. We've worked with many excellent professional advisors across the country to educate them on the eQRP®️ and how they can use it as a tool for their clients. 

We're happy to send a copy of the QRP book to any of your advisors for review and scrutiny, our compliments.

Are my self-directed eQRP investments guaranteed?

No investment (aside for FDIC-insured deposits) is guaranteed. However, most successful investors feel that the risk of investing in assets they know and understand is much less than the risk associated with making only "traditional" Wall Street investments in a market they can't control that is manipulated with fees eating the lion share of the gains. 

Is the eQRP for everyone?

The eQRP®️ is NOT for everyone. This type of plan is for an investor that is fully responsible for their financial future and would rather spend time investing and creating wealth than paying fees to Wall Street for the banks and brokerage houses to get rich off of the investor.

Is there a minimum amount of income my business needs before I set up my plan?

There are no minimum income requirements for an eQRP®️. Income from the business that acts as the sponsor for your qualified plan is income you will use for determining eligible contributions.

What happens if I have several different businesses? Can I still use all of my income to calculate my contribution to the plan?

If you own the majority control of all your businesses, you can establish one plan and have the other businesses adopt the plan.

How do I get a eQRP? How long does it take?

We are a one stop retirement shop and set everything up for you to be able to open your bank account.

Give us a call at: 800-270-1649 to begin the application.

The application will take 10 minutes and then you’ll receive documents within 3 business days to review and sign. Once those docs are e-signed, you’ll be ready to invest less than a week after you took control.

Do I need multiple bank accounts?

Yes, if you want to have a Roth account you’ll need a second account to keep your deferred money separate from your Roth funds.

Who can be a trustee on the plan?

You or any other person you appoint to be a trustee.

I would like to pay for the start up costs for the plan out of an existing IRA. Is this allowed?

Yes, you’re allowed to have your plan pay for plan expenses.

Does the eQRP have it’s own Fed ID# and Separate bank account?

Yes, the Federal EIN is provided to you when your eQRP®️ is set up.

What types of businesses can set up Qualified Retirement Plans?

Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), both pass through and with an S election, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) and Not for Profit 501(c)(3) are all eligible.