Can I rollover my existing 401(k) or IRA into an eQRP?

Yes, you may rollover most IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA (after 2 years), 457(b), 403(b), Profit Sharing and other Solo 401(k)s into your eQRP®️. Here’s the IRS chart for allowable rollovers:

IRS Rollover chart


A Self Directed IRA can be rolled into an eQRP®️. If you have assets inside the Self Directed IRA you can still do the rollover without liquidating those assets. You’re simply doing an IN-KIND rollover moving the assets from the IRA custodian to your plan where you’re in control. This is tax free and penalty free.


In some instances you may be able to do a rollover of funds from a 401(k) at your current employer through what’s called an “In-Service Distribution.” Unfortunately most large employers are highly restrictive and make this nearly impossible.  Just ask them if they have an inservice rollover option. 

You can also rollover your assets in your self directed IRA into your eQRP with what is called an “in-kind” rollover.

What if I retire early from my job, can I take my 401(k) or Profit Sharing and roll it over into my eQRP or do I have to move it into an IRA?

Your eQRP is ready to receive any rollovers except a ROTH IRA or inherited IRA - as many as you want as often as you’d like.

I own stocks and bonds in my IRA and want to put these assets into my eQRP. Do I need to sell the stocks or can I roll them over to the eQRP?

You do not need to sell the stocks. You can simply roll them into the eQRP®. This is called an In-Kind rollover.

Can I Rollover my ROTH 401(k) into the eQRP?

Yes, you can rollover your ROTH 401k funds into your eQRP® so long as you keep those funds separate from the deferred money you may be rolling over or contributing.  This is as simple as having two unique checking accounts, one for deferred funds and one for ROTH funds.

The big mistake people make is trying to rollover their ROTH IRA into the ROTH eQRP® checking account.  As you can see in the IRS rollover chart this is DISALLOWED.

IRS Rollover chart