Jon Butcher

For years, the lack of control I had over my OWN MONEY in my 401k was a serious source of frustration for me.  I’ve always viewed the stock market as a form of gambling, so I didn’t want to send my money to Wall Street – and I don’t like bonds or treasury notes, because of out of control government spending.  So that left only 1 choice inside my 401k… Cash.  As a result, years went by with my entire 401k being 100% stuck in cash, and as the government continued to print more and more cash, my retirement account got less and less valuable, and I got more and more frustrated.

All that changed when I met Damion Lupo. After I had my attorney thoroughly scrutinize the plan and give me a double thumbs up approval I got my own eQRP set up and and took CHECKBOOK CONTROL of my own invest the way I WANT!"