Isaac & Mara De Los Reyes

I’m so grateful you met my husband at a recent business networking and educational event and he learned about QRP’s!  We thought self-directed IRA was the best way to invest, having check-book control of the money. 

But once it came time to sell the property it owned, we were going to be hit hard with UDFI taxes due to some debt on the property. 

You helped solve our problem through your knowledge.  After reaching out to our attorney, we learned that the super high UDFI taxes from the sale of the property could be avoided by converting the self-directed IRA over to an eQRP! 

I get to KEEP my money and continue investing it instead of handing it over to the government.  I wish I would have learned about the eQRP sooner.  But the blessing is that we will be telling others in the hopes they too can avoid some of the crazy tax penalties in other retirement plans. 

It literally took a 15 minute phone call to get things rolling, now that’s what I call simple.  And you are accessible by phone call and email for all our questions going forward.  Thanks for all your help.