Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli

Maverick Mistakes in Real Estate Investing

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit Damion started his first business at age 11, has started 30 since then, and is the published author of 5 books.

Damian paid for his first rental house with a VISA, then over next 5 years bought 150 houses across 7 states, and went through a $20,000,000 meltdown in 2008.

Damian’s personal philosophy combined with a love of financial markets and money psychology drove him to start the Austin-based financial-tech company, Total Control Financial in 2016. His aim was to disrupt wall street and empower main street.

On today’s episode we discuss some of the messes and misfortunes Damion made as a real estate investor, how he bought 150 houses across 7 states in 5 years, building up a $20 million portfolio, losing it in 2008 and rebuilding like a Phoenix. What can we learn from his experience? Let’s find out, and enjoy our other interesting tangents of discussion.

Damion Lupo is the founder of Yokido and is a self proclaimed financial architect and American sensei. He teaches accelerated learning programs and is the author of 7 books including Reinvented LifeTotal Financial Guide to the QRP, and The Quick and Dirty Guide to Gold and Silver.

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