Get Rich Education - Keith Weinhold

Big time eQRP dive with Keith Weinhold on the world class Get Rich Education Program.

Invest Your Retirement Funds Anywhere with the QRP featuring Damion Lupo

With a $55,000 annual contribution limit, the QRP gives you checkbook control of your IRA. You can invest your retirement money in nearly anything. Retirees are suffering with 401(k)s and IRAs. QRPs provide a better way. Damion Lupo tells us how. QRPs avoid the UBIT tax. Self-directed IRAs do not. Learn more from Total Control Financial by texting “QRP” (ALL CAPS) to 72000. QRP stands for Qualified Retirement Plan. You can invest in nearly anything with your retirement funds, get a $50,000 line of credit, and creditor protection. With Self-Directed IRAs, you might have to pay tax on leveraged gains; QRPs are exempt. With QRPs, you can invest in residential property, metals, cryptocurrency, options, tax liens, notes, vacant land, mobile home parks, more. You can set up a QRP with less red tape than a Self-Directed IRA.