The Physician's Road

Here is why the eQRP can be a good fit for doctors. Great conversation with host Eric Tait.

The Secret Retirement Account You’ve Never Heard of, and Why You Should Have One

In this episode we will learn:

What is a QRP?   

Why your financial advisor hasn’t told you about this type of account

The type of assets that you can invest in.

How this account is different from a self-directed IRA and why that is very important. 

 What is UDFI and how does that relate to IRAs but not to a QRP.

What is the step by step process on how to convert your:

a.       IRA

b.       403B

c.       SEP IRA

d.       Old 401K from a previous job/employer to a QRP tax free (roll-over).

How you can contribute up to 55K per person per year if you are under age 50

That a QRP has no income limits for contributions 

How your group Practice can use this plan to incentive employees

The step by step process on how easy it is to set up and maintain this account.

 How you can create your own Roth in the QRP with:

  • No limits on income, you can convert all of your account to a ROTH immediately as long as you pay the taxes

  • You can convert all of your roll over money in the QRP, you just have to pay the taxes.