FIRE SUMMIT - Multifamily Investor Event Sept 7-8th


Check it out and use code fireqrp for a $200 discount on your ticket!

Come hear how the founders of Think Multifamily started their investing journey - from working 80+ hours per week with their marriage on the verge of quitting that job after just 2 years of apartment investing!

Now with over 5,000 apartments purchased and a Marriage STRONGER Than Ever, they have a Passion to Teach others how to have Success in Business and in LIFE – and START Living a Life on Purpose and with a Purpose.  

‘Mark and Tamiel have given me the tools to partner on 520 units in 7 months. The education is second to none and the support and family syndication model is helping me get involved in more deals, quicker. I am proud to call these two my mentors.”  Lucas Miller