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About Damion Lupo

Founder and CEO

Inspiring a transparent conversation around money and investing to create a new community of self-responsibility and financial freedom.

Damion Lupo began his career as an entrepreneur when he was 11. The son of an Army veteran, from an early age he had a strong work ethic and an inquisitive mind. Damion doesn’t just learn, he consumes information, embodies it and circulates it with a dedication for empowering others.

Over the last quarter century he’s owned and operated successful businesses ranging from insurance, precious metals, financial consulting, real estate and venture capital. He’s also written five books on these topics. All of this accumulated knowledge led him to the creation of a better path leading to financial freedom.

The result is Total Control Financial.

More than a company, it’s a community. Manically focused on a vision for creating a community focused on a 10x factor of growth and impact.

His transformational moment happened in 2008 when he experienced his hard working parent’s financial struggles when simultaneously confronted with a health crisis. The unpleasant reality of lost health options due to a lack of financial resources compelled him to dig deeper for a solution. This should never happen again, to his family or others.

Never comfortable with conformity and the status quo, Damion is dedicating his energies towards teaching people how to transform their financial future. He believes this will help people avoid financial chaos with limited options on how to resolve it. This is especially true as they approach their 50’s and 60’s. People shouldn’t live in fear about their financial future.

With education and support, Damion believes that taking control is an easy choice.

That’s why this mission is so personal to him.

His vast knowledge of the financial markets, monetary systems, economics, psychology and pattern recognition gives him an uncanny ability to see people’s hidden financial struggles and help them discover a new way of thinking about their financial health. This reinvention and rewiring of the mindset and behaviors creates a path of success for them and their priorities.

This happens by turning the complex into simple, tangible and actionable plans. Damion loves to share what he’s learned with people seeking the same financial freedom that he’s mastered. He is incredibly transparent about his own journey and the challenges as well as the successes. His candor and expertise make him a sought after speaker, compelling author and engaging podcast and media guest with investors and entrepreneurs.

Grateful for all of the amazing customers who have joined the Total Control Financial community, Damion makes sure that every customer is welcomed and delighted to become a part of our community. The long-term commitment to the relationship with our customer results in a deep commitment to their success, not just this year but for life.

In his free time, Damion pursues his other passion of martial arts. Among his 4 black belts, he holds a 5th degree rank in Yokido™, a martial art he founded that brings together yoga and Aikido. The common thread woven through the tapestry of all of Damion’s pursuits is transformation.

Transforming his life and helping others learn and build the confidence to transform theirs.